Who put the X in Xmas?

Who put the X in Christmas, or, in Xmas?

This time of year its easy to feel all indignant and holier-than-thou when we see ‘Happy Xmas!’. There is a sense of dismay, even anger, when we feel that Christ has been taken out of Christmas, even if just semantically, not in a wider sense (different issue!)

But, when we pause and take a step back, look into why Xmas is not so heretical, we see that the sense of our Lord and Saviour being removed from the very time of year we celebrate His birth is actually founded in nothing.

See, as Dave Shirley writes, 

“In the Greek alphabet the letter X (chi) may be used as an abbreviation for Christ, a symbol of the anointed Messiah.”

In Greek, Christ is written Χριστός.

Think about growing in the knowledge of X,

experiencing the love of X,

living in the grace of X,

being covered by the blood of X,

and you will soon start to see X as Christ, and Christ as X.

When you read X, did you actually say ‘Christ’ in your mind?!

Same person, different language.

Same meaning, different letters.

Same life-giving, sin-covering, and death-defeating Jesus. 

So, X put the X in Xmas, just as He put the Christ in Christmas.

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