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Day by Day Series

Daily-devotional style walks through books of the Bible with explanation and application.



The Minor Prophets




1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus

Ezra and Nehemiah







Pray BIG Prayers

Some of these prayers may challenge you, some may comfort you, but my prayer for you is that they are revelatory in that they show you some truth about yourself, some truth about our great God whom we have the privilege of talking to and of the life He wants you to lead. 

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Job: Life’s Biggest Questions

A journey through the book of Job answering some of life’s biggest quesitons about identity, God, wisdom, control, salvation, and presence.

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Moses: A Christ-centred Devotional For YOUR Life

This book aims to teach about Moses, shine the spotlight on Jesus, and inspire you to action.

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How Does This Work?

Pastors and Elders 


In “How Does This Work?” James Travis gives a Biblical and historical survey that will be helpful for any pastor and leadership team. He capably makes the case for pastoral leadership that avoids the pitfalls of lone leadership.

The “notes” portions after every chapter make this a perfect book for a pastor to work through with his leadership team.

David Guzik

Pastor, Bible Teacher, Author of the Enduring Word Commentary

This book is edifying and scholarly. Every pastor should have this tool in their tool box as they work hand in hand with church elders. The goal is to build a church that is good for the people and for glorifying God. “How Does This Work?” greatly aids this worthy task.

Pastor Jeff Gipe

CGN Executive Team

Author of “Contented

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