The Way, The Truth, The Life

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life.“

John 14.6

One of the very first songs that our eldest son, Roman, learned off by heart was this:

We’ve got a great little video of him strumming along on his toddler guitar when he was about 2 or 3 belting out “The Way…The Truth…The Life…”. Have you ever considered these truths about Jesus and what they mean for you? It’s not just a catchy catchphrase to gain followers, but deep and meaningful truths for your life…

The Way

Jesus told us that He is the way to the Father, that He is the way to see God, to gain access to God, to have God in your life. He is the way. He didn’t say follow me and I’ll show you the way, no, He said, “I am the way…”. If you feel like your life is without direction, that you are just floating along without much guidance, Jesus offers you the way.

The Truth

Many religions and worldviews and philosophies claim to be able to teach you truth, to have you access a deeper truth than the masses have in their lives. Jesus said “I am the truth…”. If you feel like your life is confusing, like you are bombarded with messages and media and manipulation then turn to the source of truth, to Jesus, and the truth that He is will set you free from this. 

The Life

Again, many religions and worldviews and philosophies claim to be able to teach you about life after your physical death. Many claim to know what happens next. Many claim many things. Jesus has been there, done it, experienced it, and conquered it for you. There need be no fear of death in your life, there need be no apprehension about what happens when you die if you have turned to Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Jesus didn’t just lay out a path before us for life after death and then leave it there. Jesus laid out the path to eternal life, covered it with the blood of His atoning and substitutionary sacrifice, and offers to walk it with you each and every day: “I am the life…”.

See, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” is not just a catchy line in a song that a toddler can memorise and sing. “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” is the maker of heaven and earth telling you that He is all that you will ever need, that your life has purpose, direction, clarity, and can have eternality.

Today then, think on Jesus’ words when He said “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” and what they mean for you.


Meaning – Ecclesiastes 1

Last week at Saar Fellowship we began a new series through the book of Ecclesiastes. In chapter one Solomon, the Teacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem says that 

Everything is futile!

and that from a human, fleshly, under the sun perspective,

What exists now is what will be, 

and what has been done is what will be done; 

there is nothing truly new on earth.

Nothing new, no real and lasting meaning from anything…It’s all just a puzzle that we are essentially just constantly rearranging the pieces of, but nothing will last.

Let me tell you this:

There is meaning to your life, 

there is lasting and eternal meaning available to you. 

Being part of the Kingdom of God is the highest and most important meaning that we could have in our earthly lives now, because it will outlast and outlive and outshine anything we try and do for ourselves or add to our own lives. You and I have the opportunity to be part of that by putting our faith and hope and trust in Jesus as Lord and Saviour and living for Him each and every day.

There is meaning to your life, there is lasting and eternal meaning available to you, but it comes only through living for the Lord. It comes only through Jesus because of who He is, what He has done, and the amazing, saving, life-changing grace that He shows you.

True meaning for our lives begins with, and continues in, Jesus.


We originally published this early last year but I’m taking a couple of days out of office this week after the busy-ness of Easter, and it seemed like the perfect time to revisit this truth.

As we’ve all been adapting and changing to this temporarily augmented way of life because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people will have been working harder, longer, and in stranger ways than ever before.

We set off sprinting into this pandemic, but we seem to have accepted that it isn’t going away anytime soon so we’ve slowed to marathon pace. Along the way, it’s now important that we pause and rest appropriately if we want to keep going.

So then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God, for whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his.

Hebrews 4.9-10

Our enemy wants to keep us busy, distracted, stressed, and full of thoughts that are ultimately not about things that are good, noble, right, and pure (Philippians 4.8). He wants you bogged-down in the nitty-gritty of the here and now and everything that could go wrong, certainly not resting.

But, we really do need to rest! Lots of folks think about resting as going to the beach, doing nothing, firing up Netflix and kicking back on the couch to find out just how many tigers a man needs to keep. Maybe your idea of rest is different; maybe you rest by exercising, spending time with friends and family, sharing a meal, the list could go on and on…

We can have true rest from stress, anxiety, worries and weariness, and from our great accuser through one place and One person only: through Jesus

Hebrews 3 and 4 develops this idea that Jesus Himself is our rest, and the key to us understanding this is to understand what Jesus Himself said!

Jesus declared Himself as Lord of the sabbath in Matthew 12.8, and in Mark 2.27 said that the sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. 

In Hebrews we read of how a relationship with Jesus frees us from the works-based righteousness that being under a law demands. Jesus has done all of the work needed to satisfy the righteous requirements of God (John 19.28-30) and because of this, we can rest easy. There is no longer an incessant need to work, to earn, to strive for righteousness, to bear your own burdens and work them away, to occupy our every waking moment with thoughts of being good enough or accepted.

We can rest, we can recharge, and we can regroup and not worry that we are not fulfilling laws and expectations by doing so.

Jesus serves as our Sabbath rest in the sense that He provides freedom from living under the works of the law. Instead, His sacrifice has paid the price for our salvation in full. We accept salvation as His free gift, entering into His rest both now as well as in eternity in His presence. 

No pandemic or earthly circumstances will ever change this, so whilst it might be tempting to work a bit longer, a bit harder, or a bit more because your situation has changed, never forget that the rest you have in Jesus is real and ready. The stress, anxiety, and burnout that comes from overworking yourself to try and get on top of your earthly circumstances will only increase the harder you try. 

So today rest, recharge, refocus, and remember that this is all possible through Jesus.

On This Day: Saturday Of Easter Week

Today is a day so often forgotten. We mark and commemorate Good Friday and then commemorate and celebrate Easter Sunday, but what about the day in-between? What happened on Saturday?

Biblically, there’s not much going on between Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, the Sabbath day. The disciples were, most likely, in hiding (John 20.19). They had believed in Jesus: who He was, what He said, and now He was dead. Their world was falling apart, and quickly. He wasn’t just quietly killed in secret by a ruling regime either. He was publicly and shamefully executed as a criminal and they were His known associates. Maybe they were next?

Jewish religious leaders had a guard placed at the tomb of Jesus (Matthew 27.62-66). They insist that the guard should be there until the third day because Jesus had said ‘After three days I will rise again’. They were running scared that His words would come true. Perhaps the temple curtain being torn, or the unusual darkness, or the earthquake, or the disturbance at the cemetery had played on their minds and they wondered whether it was all connected to Jesus’ death…Either way, they were concerned and asked for a guard which was granted to them. Whoever this guard is made up of, whether Romans or Jews or a mix ¹, they’re now there and waiting and wondering…will He rise?

We would love you to join us for one of two Easter Sunday services (10am + 6pm) at Saar Fellowship in Bahrain.

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¹ –The original language in Matthew 27.65 can be read as either “you have a guard” or “have a guard.”