Finding God’s Will; 3. Prayer

First, let’s share some big truths about prayer. It works. It is a relationship, not some stuffy religious activity that we have to do. It is something we get to to, not something we are forced to do. But, we are not talking about prayer, per se, we are talking about finding God’s will in prayer…fine difference, but important difference. So, rather than define what prayer is in any more detail than we just did, let’s talk about finding God’s will for your life through prayer.

A few months ago for Robyn’s birthday, we went to the BSPCA to adopt a cat. We prayed before going that God would show us clearly and obviously which cat is right for us. We saw around 20, but only 1 wanted to sit with the boys and that was our cat! This may be trivial in nature, but it’s really a simple example of one way to find God’s will; simply ask Him to show you clearly and obviously should we do A/B/C, make it obvious to us, Sovereign and Almighty God, show us with our limited human understanding something so simple we cannot miss it. That’s one way. But what about if what you what to discover is more than which cat you take home?

God has amazing things lined up for each and every one of our lives. He doesn’t need us to pray to Him, He does not live based on our praying to Him, but He wants us to pray to Him.

The Holy Spirit is the present and active member of the Trinity in the world today, and He is part of your prayer time. As He also illuminates the same Scriptures He inspired all those years ago, so He will guide your prayer time, too.

When we come to God in prayer to seek His will, this happens;

  1. The Spirit reveals God’s will to us through Scripture, through the still small voice, through circumstances, or through other believers.
  2. We then begin to pray in agreement with this.
  3. We adjust our attitudes, actions, and approaches based on what we perceive to be the will of God.
  4. We look for confirmation again through more prayer, more Scripture (properly read, in context, not single sentence stuff), more circumstances, and more input from those we trust.
  5. We begin to obey.
  6. God continues to work in and through us.
  7. We experience living in God’s will, feel energised by doing so, and the cycle starts again.

Sometimes the will of God for our lives is not what we wanted at all…but it’s better.

Sometimes the will of God for our lives is not what we would have chosen…but it’s better.

Sometimes the will of God for our lives is big, hairy and scary…but it’s better than living out of His will.

Prayer is, essentially, us getting on God’s wavelength about things. It’s about aligning our will with His will, our plans with His, our hearts with His. He wants this to happen, He will not refuse you in prayer. Even radio silence from the other end can be an answer in itself when coupled with Scripture, circumstances, and others.

Through the work of Jesus on the cross, His death, and His resurrection, we are able to go confidently to God in prayer…we can talk to the maker of heaven and earth, and He hears us. The Holy Spirit is on mission to help you to pray, to guide your prayer, to speak into your life via Scripture, via prayer, via circumstances, and via others.

Spend some time today talking to your Father in heaven, ask Him if you are on the right track, what you should do about A/B/C, then be ready!

Published by James Travis

Pastor of Saar Fellowship in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Married to Robyn and Dad to our two boys.

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