Romans; a window to all Scripture

Paul’s letter to the Romans was written around 53-58 A.D., most likely from Corinth (Acts 20.2-3, Romans 16.1, 23). Martin Luther, so often remembered in reference to the reformation of the 1500s called Romans the

‘…chief part of the New Testament…[the] epitome of the Gospel…’.

As we progress through Romans, then, we will talk about God, see about God, hear about God, and learn about God. 

Romans is, essentially, a book about God.

As we move through this wonderful letter maybe a verse at a time, maybe a paragraph at a time, but never less than a complete thought at a time, we will begin to see or to reinforce what we think about God, what we know about God, and what we believe about God. When this happens, when we see God in the right light, so to speak, when we see the truth about God, it is impossible to not start to see the truth about ourselves too.

For example, you may enjoy running in your free time. When you see Usain Bolt running, you realise you’re not that fast. 

You may enjoy cooking, but when you eat at a Michelin starred restaurant, you realise you’re not that great in the kitchen.

You may enjoy playing the piano, but when you listen to Chopin or Beethoven or Mozart play, you realise that you have much improvement to make!

Romans will answer the big questions we have about God, about ourselves, and about the world around us.

As we start to see the truth about God, we will also start to see the truth about ourselves. When these two things happen at the very same time, it will only drive us further and faster into the care of One who can reconcile the difference, One who has created this new covenant family we are all a part of through faith, and the One who provides a true window for us to look through and see God.

Published by James Travis

Pastor of Saar Fellowship in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Married to Robyn and Dad to our two boys.

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