Moses – His Birth

Exodus 2.1-10 introduces us to the birth and early life of Moses. Born amid turbulent times of tribulation and persecution (Exodus 1.22), the parents of Moses see that he was special (2.2, cf. Hebrews 11.23), and take extraordinary measure to keep him safe.

Miraculously the basket, the current of the river, the bathing location of Pharaoh’s daughter, and her emotional response upon seeing the crying child were all under the providential care of the Lord (vv.3-6). 

Moses’ parents’ act of faith in trusting him to the Lord are rewarded, and his Mother is actually then paid to raise her own son (vv.7-9). As a young man, Moses is adopted into the royal family and given all the privileges thereof (v.10). 

The parallels between the births of Moses and Jesus are inescapable:

Providential circumstances and intervention allowed the young boy to live amid a context of persecution and in the face of a royal death sentence – Matthew 2.13-18

The privileges of royalty were accorded to him although, as we will see, they were cast aside for God’s purposes and plans – Philippians 2.6

The birth of this child heralded a new beginning for God’s people; a man born to deliver them out of slavery and into a glorious new and renewed relationship with God, a man born to guide God’s people into a new chapter in their life of faith.

Moses, or Jesus?

Circumstances and events surrounding the birth of Moses all combined to showcase the glory and providence of God, and they give us a wonderful preview of Jesus.

Today, what is going on in your life that does the same? Pause, look…really look, and make a note of it. Start today to plot a course of how God is moving in your life. Write it down, journal it, bullet point it, just do something that you can look back on!

What is aligning and combining to show you, and those around you, just how good and glorious God is?

Published by James Travis

Pastor of Saar Fellowship in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Married to Robyn and Dad to our two boys.

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