Seven Signs – John 5.1-9

In John 5.1-9 we see the third sign, miracle, or wonder in John’s gospel. The main point of miracle, what the sign is pointing to is that Jesus’ Word and will are enough.

 For you, for me, for us, this is freeing, liberating, and invigorating. The burden of trying to get things done, trying to make sure that everything and everyone in our lives is healthy and well and taken care of is not on us anymore. 

The man at the centre of this sign had been, as we read, invalid/disabled for many years. Without Jesus being present and active in his life, he was always going to be like that. This shows us that we’re hopeless and helpless without Him. The man was at the very edge of healing, as close and as ready as he could possibly and humanly be, but all of his unsuccessful efforts to get into the pool had only made it more and more obvious that his earthly efforts were never going to save him, heal him, or restore him.  

In the same way, for you and for me, working towards salvation ourselves will leave us like this man was; unable to actually get there. We might feel close, but in reality, we’re not. As that old saying goes, so close yet so far (at least we feel close). 

This man was hanging on to former traditions, man-centred religious traditions and teachings, but was powerfully confronted by a Saviour who simply said to him, ‘do you want to be made well, do you want to be healed…’.

Just think, that man could well have said ‘Well, you know, if I wait long enough I’m sure my day will come and I will work myself to healing, restoration, wellness‘, but he didn’t.

For you, what are you waiting for?

Why are you waiting?

Why are you waiting and being content with how things are? 

Jesus is saying get up, lift up whatever has been your safety net, your crutch, your bed, and be active, go, do, walk.

Just like this man needed someone to heal him, we need someone to save us.

Just like this man needed someone to save him from his limitations, we need someone to save us from ours. Compared to the physical infirmities, the sin-stained consequences we need saving from are far more serious and far more pressing.

Just like this man was offered healing and help by Jesus, we too are offered healing and help by Jesus. There is never a guarantee of physical healing in the Word (spiritual healing and restoration, yes, cf. Joel 2.32, Romans 10.13, John 3.16, Ephesians 2.8-9, John 5.24, Revelation 3.20, we could go on and on…), but just think, if Jesus can heal a lifetime of disability simply by His Word and His will, what can He do for you? 

Just like this man heard, believed, obeyed, and acted, we are called to do the same. 

So, what is enough for you? Are you looking for spectacular spectacles, or are you earnestly and with all your heart, mind, soul, and spirit pursuing the Word and will of Jesus?

Published by James Travis

Pastor of Saar Fellowship in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Married to Robyn and Dad to our two boys.

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