Bent Out Of Shape – Esther 4.14

Have you ever been just the right person in just the right place at just the right time? Your Christian brothers and sisters are all ‘woah, you’re just like Esther, in this place at this time for just this reason, this is so Esther 4.14!’.

Is it?

Is Esther 4.14 about our providentially being in the right place at the right time?

Let’s look at Esther 4 and see… 

Coming off the back of learning that his people are to be systematically killed (3.13), Mordecai responds somewhat understandably and seeks out help. Perhaps he feels responsible(3.5-6), perhaps he knows this cannot be changed (1.9), perhaps he is just overcome with sadness, but he makes enough of a scene to attract the attention of Esther (v.4). 

Mordecai wants Esther to boldly approach the King to stop this coming atrocity (v.8). Esther is in a difficult situation wherein she wants to help, but circumstances seem to be very much against her (v.11). 

After laying some harsh truth on Esther (v.13), Mordecai then says,

“It may very well be that you have achieved royal status for such a time as this!”

(Esther 4.14b

She’s the right person in the right place at the right time! Surely, that’s what this is all about then: using that providence for good and using your influence for other people?

Could it be that Esther was put in this role for this very moment, to be the representative for her people against a seemingly undefeatable enemy?

Esther gathers collective support (v.16), and commits boldly to being the representative that God’s people need (v.16b). 

Is Esther 4 teaching you and me that sometimes we will find ourselves as the right person in the right place at the right time and when we do, it’s time to act? I’m not sure it is.

Reading this chapter, we cannot escape the foreshadowing of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. One from humble beginnings just as Esther was, called to take on the task of snatching God’s people from impending death through a situation that looks like it will claim the life of the redeemer. 

It is easy, though, to read this chapter and think of ourselves as Esther; you are here, you need to be bold, you need to save some people…the problem with that is that it leaves Jesus out of the story completely, the One whom all the Scriptures point to (John 5.39-40). 

He defeated a seemingly undefeatable situation.

He entered into the battle even though it seemed like it would claim His life.

He saved God’s people.

He saved you from impending death.

Friends, you don’t need to be Esther in this story because you are the redeemed, you are the saved, you are the people snatched from death to life through the person and work of Jesus.

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