Acts 20.1-6

After the turbulent events of 19.21-41 Paul departs for Macedonia. He spends time visiting church communities and giving them much encouragement and then arrives in Greece. Unfortunately, and not for the first time, a plot is made against Paul and his plans needed to change accordingly (v.3b). Taking representatives with him from various churches and from all stations in life (…Aristarchus and Secundus…(a societally prominent man and a slave)) Paul reconnects with Luke in Philippi (cf. Acts 16.40).

With Luke coming and going, or rather staying and re-joining, we see that it’s ok to have our focus change periodically.

Perhaps you are knee-deep in a situation at the moment and can’t ever imagine your focus being on anything else. If you are, that’s ok.

Perhaps you are in-between projects, ministries, or problems and are going though a period of change. If you are, that’s ok too.

Here in Acts Luke is sometimes part of the ‘we’ and sometimes records details about ‘they’. Sometimes he’s personally part of the team, sometimes he’s not. Either way, that’s ok.

If the Lord is leading you to switch your focus from one ministry to another, from one need to another, then there need be no feelings on your part of failure or unfulfilled business. If you are leaving of your own accord without Divine guidance, that’s another story…We are to serve where we are sent, first and foremost, leaving the details to the One who already sees the beginning, middle, and end of our ministries.

Published by James Travis

Pastor of Saar Fellowship in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Married to Robyn and Dad to our two boys.

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