The Song Of Solomon 1.1

“Solomon’s Most Excellent Love Song.”

(The Song Of Solomon 1.1, NET)

What a start! Right off the bat we see that what we are about to read is a most excellent love song, and we see its (claimed) authorship: Solomon. He wrote over 1,000 songs (1 Kings 4.32) and this, we read, is the most excellent. Whether his is the main voice we hear throughout remains debated. For now though, expectations are high.

From whom are we (mostly) hearing?

There is a beloved, a male (1.13), and there is a lover, a female (1.15). There are also ‘others’ (cf. 1.4b, 11). The narrative will go back and forth between the two with occasional interjections from the chorus. Perhaps your Bible attributes certain lines to certain people. As helpful as this can be this is the work of the scribes themselves, not the Spirit.

What are we going to read of between the beloved and the lover?

As a collection of poems with an introduction (1.2-7) and a conclusion (8.6-14) the narrative will ebb and flow. There are images and themes that are often repeated but, generally, there is much pursuit of love by both of the main players.

Tension builds throughout, there is a most excellent anticipation to go with the most excellent love song.

As the book finishes we are presented with a strong, summarising conclusion. This is a great point for us to ponder as we begin this journey through Solomon’s Most Excellent Love Song:

Love is strong, passionate, and as serious as death.

Love is not something to be trifled with, to be taken for granted, or to be ignored. It was for love that Jesus offered Himself as ransom for many (John 3.16, Matthew 20.28). Reading through The Song Of Solomon we will find ourselves hoping and yearning for a love so pure and so committed as this. The Good News is that it does exist and that it was personified and exemplified in the person and the work of Jesus.

Truly this is a most excellent love story.

Published by James Travis

Pastor of Saar Fellowship in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Married to Robyn and Dad to our two boys.

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