The Song Of Solomon 7.1-10

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After the third physical description of the bride we read that she concludes with this:

I am my beloved’s,
and he desires me!”

(The Song Of Solomon 7.10, NET)

Descriptions of delight are encouraging to read and help us to see the true value of a committed relationship where each partner enjoys the other (7.1-9). Accounts of the lovers pursuing one another help us to see the true value of a singular focus in our relationships (6.1-11). Above and beyond these points, however, is something we have talked about before: the essential of a mutual commitment (cf. 1.12-15):

I am my beloved’s,
and he desires me!”

Neither party is more committed than the other, and neither is left to pursue the other in a one-sided way. Both the bride (I am my beloved’s) and the husband (and he desires me!) are all-in for one another. 

Friends, if you are currently in a relationship or on the verge of entering into one, please make sure that your partner is as committed to it as you are. One of the strongest exhortations in The Song Of Solomon is that relationships take two (cf. Genesis 2.18). Don’t pursue someone who is not equally as committed to you as you are to them, and, in love and with grace, do not let yourself be pursued if you see no future in that relationship.

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