SKC – The Reign Of David

We read of the reign of David in (mostly) 2 Samuel, but also in 1 Kings 1.1-2.11, and 1 Chronicles 10.14-29.30.

In a National Geographic special on the Kings of Israel, David is described as one whom

“No other biblical figure would become so prominent [as] in the history of ancient Israel…”

One particular story often told of David is how he defeated the giant Goliath (1 Samuel 17.4). If you’ve been around church life long enough you will probably have heard a sermon, read an article, listened to a podcast, or come across a reference to ‘slaying your giants just like David slayed Goliath’. Is this what we learn from their fight (vv.38-58)?

Sure, there are lessons in there of a very practical nature;

We rely on God for deliverance (v.37).

We should know our own strengths and weaknesses (v.39).

We approach conflict in the name of the Lord (v.45).

We take preparation for spiritual encounters and battles seriously, choosing the right tools (vv.48-49).

Is this all that we learn from 1 Samuel 17 though?

Instead of trying to be David from this passage, consider this:

1 Samuel 17 is an account of one man entering into a situation that seemed to promise certain death, who struck an unexpected but great victory over opposition forces that allowed God’s people to live a better life.

When we say it like that, we cannot help but see the account of David and Goliath as a signpost to the Lord Jesus.

He entered into a situation that promised certain death (Matthew 27.31).

He struck what was (for some) an unexpected but great victory (Luke 24.5-7).

He allows God’s people to live a better life as a result (John 3.16-17, Romans 5.17).

Yes, sure, 1 Samuel 17 is wonderfully practical but, more than that, it foreshadows and previews the great victory over sin and death Jesus would strike for those called according to God’s purpose (John 5.39, Luke 24.27, 45-47). Read it again today and see the practical but more than that, marvel at the Messiah.

Published by James Travis

Pastor of Saar Fellowship in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Married to Robyn and Dad to our two boys.

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