2022, Esther, and You!

On Friday at Saar Fellowship we ended the year by looking at the book of Esther and ahead to 2022. You can catch the full message here, and below is part of the sermon: a great to-do for 2022! “Reading this chapter, this story, thinking about the new year to come, it’s so easy to makeContinue reading “2022, Esther, and You!”

Revelation 3.1-6 – Two books

Today the church in Sardis comes under the microscope. Perched on a 1000 ft cliff, this community was wealthy and thought themselves invincible, but were eventually conquered by Cyrus, and again 300 years later. There is a strong parallel to Edom in the prophecy of Obadiah; living among natural fortifications (cliff/canyon) and feeling prideful and,Continue reading “Revelation 3.1-6 – Two books”