Acts 10.44-48

Whilst Peter is preaching the forgiveness of sins through Jesus (v.43the Holy Spirit fell on all who heard this word. Those who heard with ears and heart were, in this moment, baptised by the Spirit (v.44). The Jewish believers there were amazed at seeing such an experience come to the Gentiles (v.45) in the very same way it did to formerly Jewish believers (cf. Acts 2). 

In this moment these Gentiles (non Jews) had trusted Jesus as their saviour and put their faith in Him as the only way to get right with God and salvation had come to them. To substantiate the vision Peter had in 10.9-33 they are blessed with the same gifts as those present at Pentecost and Peter himself declares that they [had] received the Holy Spirit just as we have.

For you and for me, we may not be able to point to a particular moment when we were saved, we may not be able to say that we were blessed with the gift of tongues and immediately began extolling God as at Pentecost or here in 10.46, but if we have trusted Jesus as Lord and Saviour, if we have put our faith in Him to bear the consequences of our sins and justify us in the sight of God, then we are part of the same singular Church throughout space and time as the believers here. We ought to be so grateful that salvation comes now through faith alone in Christ alone, otherwise many of us may perennially be on the outside. It’s by grace alone that we are able to be saved by faith alone and join the number of those saved by God.

Published by James Travis

Pastor of Saar Fellowship in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Married to Robyn and Dad to our two boys.

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